pet peeves
list of the peeves

#1 - when someone uses illogical arguments in…an argument.

#2 - when people use their phones while in line at a store.

#3 - customers who get mad at you because you can’t answer their question or because you’re incapable of helping them.

#4 - when you say hi to someone and he or she doesn’t even acknowledge you.

#5 - when you apologize to someone and he or she ignores you.

#6 - getting ready for bed and smelling something weird, only to realize it’s cat puke.

#7 - when people try to return their purchases when their receipt clearly says “no returns or exchanges.”

#8 - those customers who ask questions when you’re trying to cash out another customer.

#9 - those people who yell at their kids (or other people’s kids) in public.

#10  - people who don’t put their items or shopping carts away.

#11 - people who open items at a store and leave the mess there.

#12 - when customers tell you the price of the item they’re buying.

#13 - when people tell you how many of the same items they have.

#14 - when people tell you that you’ve already scanned an item or have double-scanned an item.

#15 - when people throw change on the counter and give you a dirty look when you do the same to them.

#16 - when you call someone over to help them, and another customer cuts in line, and then gets mad when you choose to help the customer who has been waiting much longer.