pet peeves

Mar 23

“#16 - when you call someone over to help them, and another customer cuts in line, and then gets mad when you choose to help the customer who has been waiting much longer.” —

time for a story;

when i was at work today, i had just finished helping a customer with a larger order. the other cashier was also doing a larger order, and there was another woman in line. so, i told the woman i could help her at my till. but alas, another woman comes bolting from the aisle, having obviously heard me, and came up to the counter.

i said: “i’m sorry, but i have to help this woman first. she was in line before you and i just called her over.”

the woman who i had called over was already on my side, and i wasn’t about to make her walk all the way to the other till again. the woman who had wanted to check out first gave me a snarl and muttered under her breath, “does it really matter?” in response, i said, “yes, it really does matter, ma’am.” and i sent her over to the other side. i know, i know. i’m not supposed to be rude or sarcastic to customers. the customer is always right. not. if someone is going to be rude to me and other customers, then i have no reason to bow down to their every needs. just wait one minute in line, like everyone else. you’re not better than any other customer. god.

“#15 - when people throw change on the counter and give you a dirty look when you do the same to them.” — just…put the change in my hand, and i’ll do the same. 

Mar 22

“#14 - when people tell you that you’ve already scanned an item or have double-scanned an item.” — where i work, the list of items being purchased is not visible to the customer. however, i’m not retarded. i can see when i’ve scanned something in, and if i’m not sure, i check it. i think i know better than you if i’ve scanned the item or not. 

Mar 17

“#13 - when people tell you how many of the same items they have.” — "i have two of these, three of these, and one of these."
seriously. i can count. 

“#12 - when customers tell you the price of the item they’re buying.” — i’ve worked here long enough. i think i know my prices better than you do.
oh, and don’t tell me i’m wrong when the price of the item has changed. 

“#11 - people who open items at a store and leave the mess there.” — …only to buy the same product, unopened. if you open it, pay for it. don’t leave a mess, and don’t be an asshole.

(can you tell that most of these peeves are work-related? ;3) 

“#10 - people who don’t put their items or shopping carts away.” — it takes a minute, maybe less. be considerate of the people waiting on you. 

“#9 - those people who yell at their kids (or other people’s kids) in public.” — no one wants to hear it. save yourself the public humiliation of being a bad parent.

“#8 - those customers who ask questions when you’re trying to cash out another customer.” — seriously, wait your turn. you can’t wait a fucking minute?

Mar 15

“#7 - when people try to return their purchases when their receipt clearly says “no returns or exchanges”” — …and then don’t stop bugging you until they’re almost yelling at you.